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Welcome to Centre for Cyber Awareness and Development

The Centre for Cyber Awareness and Development is a non for profit and non-governmental organization with focus for promoting cyber responsibility through advocacy, education, training and development. It was incorporated in June 2015 with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), in Abuja, Nigeria.


Partnerships with all stakeholders are important in advancing the accomplishment of the organisation’s mandate. The CECAD seeks helpful alliances with the following with a view to enabling them to make commitment to funding, application of their time and resources, or volunteering for the organisation’s cyber awareness and development programmes and initiatives:

Cyber Crimes and Attacks

Worldwide, almost each second is reportedly used effectively by hackers in planning attacks and exploiting vulnerable people, systems and processes. A recent survey on Nigerian cyber security outlook also, revealed that cybercrimes and attacks in the Nigerian cyberspace are on the increase, and that hackers are always one step ahead.

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