About Event

The event which is first of its kind in Nigeria is designed to highlight the huge opportunities available to women in the 21stcentury, accelerate progress and identify Nigerian women across board that have been able to maximize the tremendous opportunities offered by the digital age to better their communities, career and the country at large. The event will bring together 700+ women and girls from different walks of life to share strategies and map out the future of the Nigerian woman in a digital age.

New digital tools are empowering, and can serve to support a new source of inclusive global economic growth. To seize this opportunity it is essential that no one, and especially no woman, is left behind in trying to achieve their aspirations. Now is the time to step up the efforts and take advantage of the digital transformation to ensure that it represents a leapfrog opportunity for women and a chance to build a more inclusive digital world.

 THE NIGERIA WOMEN DIGITAL AGENDA SUMMIT is an important and timely step towards promoting enactment of better policies to close the digital gender gap.  It is aimed at identifying and promoting the new digital tools that can empower women while promoting a new source of inclusive global economic growth.